Wall Murals

Wall Murals make create the perfect feature wall in any room. Whether you’re looking to transform your home or business decor, you can create totally unique when using mural wallpaper in your design plans. Murals come in many forms including cityscapes, nature, florals, patterns, typography and more. At Wallpaper Now, we provide an extensive selection of high quality murals to meet any requirements no matter how niche. Explore our murals today!

Why Choose Wall Murals?

Express Your Individuality

With wall murals, you create your own style. That means you don’t have to adhere to the latest wallpaper trends. Instead, you can choose something that’s really to your own specific tastes. With so many mural categories to choose from, you will undoubtedly find on that caters to your specific interests no matter how niche they may be. Then, once you hang the mural upon the walls of your home, you can relax in a living space that oozes your own personalty. Your very own wallpaper motif. 

Murals Suit All Types Of Room

There are no rules when it comes to using murals. There are designs to suit absolutely any room in a home and to cater for all style preferences. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic, colourful or rustic style, there will be a mural to match your vision. These varying designs means you could have a mural as a feature wall in every room in the house if you so wish. Harmonious and tranquil murals are well suited to kitchens, playful murals can be placed in bedrooms whilst striking wall murals can be eye catching features for a living room or hallway. 

Perfect For Children’s Bedrooms

Children, with their wild and unlimited imaginations, can benefit so much by having a mural in their bedroom. Huge, colourful wall murals stimulate young minds and become a fun focal point where discussions and inquisitiveness can take place. Art is a form of expression and children should always be encouraged to express themselves. This is why mural wallpaper is so often present in school classrooms as it encourages youngsters to learn how to translate their thoughts and feelings into communicative language.


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