Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is a beautiful, durable and extremely long lasting. The hardwearing nature of the wallpaper makes it a great option for hallways, kitchens and bathrooms as the material is extremely resistant to moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations. It’s also incredibly easy to clean as most vinyl wallpapers are completely scrubbable! At Wallpaper Now, our vast range of vinyl options come in a variety of colours, styles and designs to meet your specific decor needs!

Why Choose Vinyl Wallpaper?


It’s Made Of Tougher Stuff

 Vinyl wallpaper is lined with a water-resistant finish, allowing the product to adeptly cope with moisture, humidity and temperature changes. All of which would be far too much for traditional wallpaper to deal with. Bulges and peeling would occur very quickly to regular wallpaper if exposed to these environments. Vinyl can also shrug off grease and dirt with ease. The durability of vinyl lends itself to being a fantastic decor option for kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms. These rooms tend to experience a high rate of use and footfall, requiring a wallpaper made of tougher stuff.


Easy To Clean

Another advantage of vinyl is that it’s a breeze to clean. Wipe dirt away easily with a damp cloth, and stains don’t typically soak into the wallpaper providing long-lasting quality. Family homes, especially those with very active children, will really appreciate this feature for both it’s hardwearing nature and low maintenance requirements.


Hide Any Wall Imperfections

If your walls have some imperfections such as small cracks, uneven areas or poor finishes, they will blatantly show through paint and maybe even through traditional wallpaper. With vinyl however, you can hide all of these flaws due to the thicker coating that the wallpaper provides. Your walls will look absolutely perfect and any wall imperfections can be our little secret!


Practical Doesn’t Mean Boring

Despite the practical quality of vinyl offerings, the colour schemes, styles and designs found on the wallpaper pieces are far from dull! Vinyl can be plain Jane or metallic, geometric, floral, brick, damask & more. These wallpapers can also come in on-trend colours such as grey or rose gold. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic or chic feel in your living spaces, you will find exactly what you require in our vinyl wallpaper section!


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