Toy Story Wallpaper

Toy Story wallpaper will make you want to reach for the sky! The wallpaper seen in Andy’s room in the original films has become very sought after for real life bedrooms. It’s easy to see why with it’s simple sky and cloud design, beautiful blue and of course, it’s now iconic status. At Wallpaper Now, we offer a range of Toy Story options to choose from. Whether it’s Andy’s wallpaper or designs featuring some of the film’s famous characters like Woody, Buzz and more. Explore our range today!

Why Choose Toy Story Wallpaper?

Decorate Your Home…With Style

There’s not doubt that if you hang toy story wallpaper upon the walls of your home, those who see it of all ages will be enamoured by it. The illustrations of the clouds and characters are one of a kind. So, all who gaze upon them will instantly recognise it and good memories and great movie moments will fill their thoughts immediately. Not many wallpaper design can do that, and it’s a very powerful effect to have in your home. Positive vibes will undoubtedly be created.

Your Child’s Imagination Will Reach Infinity & Beyond

Just like Andy in the film, your kids will be able to let their imaginations run wild. The clouds serve as the perfect backdrop for your children to soar through the sky with their toys in hand. Monkey see, monkey do as they say. Andy was a great example of how children can play with their toys and he showed us that any world is possible with your child and their toys as the main characters. He also showcased how many different storylines can be create with using the same characters or toys. Sometimes Potato Head was the villain of the tale, and other times it was Hamm. With Toy story wallpaper, your children will know that there are infinite possibilities in this world. 

So Many Vibrant Colours

There are so many different bright and beautiful colours used throughout the Top Story films. The soothing yellow of Woody’s shirt. The vibrant green on Buzz’s space suit. The blush pink of Little Bo Peep’s outfit. The mix of browns on Slinky’s design. The dark forest green on Rex’s dino skin. Those are just to name a few. As, there are plenty of others to be mentioned. In any case, if you choose a Toy Story wallpaper for your home, you guarantee yourself a rich, vibrant colour palette.


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