Tartan Wallpaper

Tartan wallpaper brings with it a rich history dating back as early as the 6th century. No longer limited to the Scottish highlands, tartan has become an instantly recognisable pattern throughout all avenues of the interior design, home decor and fashion worlds. With so many different tartan wallpapers available in an array of different colours, it couldn’t be easier to bring the iconic design into your home.

Why Choose Tartan Wallpaper?

Traditional Red Tartan Wallpaper

A typical tartan wallpaper mimics the patterns seen famously on Scottish woven fabrics. The design involves forming new colours where the vertical and horizontal bands on the design cross paths. Red is the most widely available and used tartan fabric. If you’re new to using tartan, we recommend using this traditional shade before venturing further afield. Some brighter patterns can be overpowering so it’s best to start with the darker, more traditional options. Red tartan creates a warm, instantaneous cosiness to an interior. It also pairs extremely well with metallics, antiques or contemporary accessories.

Use Tartan All Over The House

Tartan items are being used all over the interior design shop. From tartan cushions and throws to tartan rugs and crockery, the unique patterns are being used more and more at all levels of the aesthetic design of an abode. It’s no wonder that tartan wallpaper has become extremely popular in recent years. It seems homeowners in the UK simply can’t get enough of tartan!

The Wintery Christmassy Feel

 Red tartan is extremely popular during Christmas and the winter months. The design, when accompanied with this colour scheme, has almost become synonymous with festive celebrations. The association of tartan with Christmas is amplified because of the Scots, specifically those descended from the Celts, who celebrated the winter solstice. Commonly referred to as Yule, the festivities which covered a period of days as opposed to one single day, were said to bring light to dark winter days and to please the gods so that the sun can return.


 As a wallpaper, tartan designs are simply beautiful and there are a sheer range of colours to choose from! When you break away from the traditional colours especially, the new colour schemes creating a very unique, contemporary feel. Burnt orange, muted yellow, black & white are all great options. However, grey tartan has been on a meteoric rise in recent years as the colour grey continues to dominate the contemporary interior design market. We certainly love the look of grey tartan. Why not think about jumping on the contemporary tartan bandwagon?


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