Stag Wallpaper

Stag wallpaper can completely transform any room. The stoic animal is often displayed against mysterious forests, country settings or against sunrise & sunset views. These bold choices all make for truly breathtaking motif feature walls. Alternatively, there are more muted designs to choose from featuring subtle illustrations and tones. At Wallpaper Now, we provide a range of stag and deer wallpaper designs to choose from. Bring life to your home with the symbolic stag today!

Why Choose Stag Wallpaper?

An Elegant Way To Bring Nature Inside

Many wallpaper designs help bring the outside in. However, stag wallpaper does it majestically which is why it’s become such a popular trend in recent years. The stag motif alone is a great accompaniment to any room which can appeal to your wild side whilst also bring an elegant countryside touch to a space. You’ll mostly find stag and deer wallpaper options in muted colours that hint towards country chic. We recommend complimenting these wallpapers with cream soft furnishings and cosy fabrics in pale colours.


Stags In The Kitchen

Picture arising for the day, strolling into your kitchen and having a warm cup of coffee with a stag to keep you company on your walls. Many designs feature stag, deer or other woodland creatures emerging through a foggy woodlands. It’s the perfect way to wipe the sleep out from your eyes and ease yourself in to the day. As well as the kitchen, stag wallpaper works very well in children’s bedrooms and nurseries. The beautiful animal has a magical nature about it, and helps conjure a fairytale setting for a child’s imagination to run wild!


The Stag Is Historic

Did you know stag symbolism appears in a number of myths, legends and folktales throughout history. Often associated with woodland deities, the stag plays a key role in the tales of the Greek Artemis and her Roman counterpart, Diana, as well as the Celtic hero Finn mac Cumhail. Furthermore, in English literature, both Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe incorporate deer mythology into their plays. Also, Native Americans honour the stag in many different ways. The noble stag has inspired cultures for thousands of years it seems. So, why not also place the inspirational energy in your home with stag wallpaper?


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