Rose Wallpaper

Rose wallpaper is a feast for the eyes. Mesmerising designs featuring perhaps the most beloved flower in the world. Different rose colours have different meanings and evoke various emotions, allowing the design to suit any style of room. Whichever colour of rose you’re looking to adorn upon the walls of your home, you will find it in our extensive range.



Holden Decor Allora Wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper featuring a delicate dandelion design with subtle shimmers on a woven effect background, perfect to bring your home an updated and refreshed look. A heavyweight vinyl that...



Holden Decor Melgrano Floral Wallpaper

Melagrano is a modern take on a floral design with pomegranates, bold and bright colours highlighted by dotted metallic.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Melgrano Floral - Soft teal Collection: Elias...


£14.99 £9.80

Holden Decor Congo Wallpaper

A bold art deco style metallic geometric combined with tropical animals and palm leaves. This design truly makes a statement. SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Congo - Pink Collection: Glasshouse...



Holden Decor Dillan Stripe Wallpaper

Dillan stripe is made up of high shine panels contrasting against a matte background it's a simple design yet looks so effective on a wallSPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Dillan...



Holden Decor Stag Wood Panel Wallpaper

Stag Wood Panel combines a distressed woodpanel with a collage of woodland animals, trees and plants. Flashes of metallic add extra shimmer. SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Stag Wood Panel...



Holden Decor Thistle Wallpaper

Thistle is an a entwining Charcoal thistle trail on a metallic silver background which create a high-shine effect.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Thistle - Charcoal Collection: Glasshouse Style: Leaf Wallpaper...



Holden Decor Charm Wallpaper

Charm featuring multicoloured floral blossoms and pretty humming birds.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Charm - White/Multi Collection: Imaginarium Style: Floral Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cms Pattern Repeat: Pattern...



Holden Decor Chevron Brush Marks Wallpaper

Holden Decor Chevron Brush Marks features painterly lines in a chevron pattern. This wallpaper is matt printed and perfect for adding interest to walls. Material: Flat wallpaper Substrate: Paper Pattern...



Catherine Lansfield Kelso Check Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Catherine Lansfield Product: Kelso Check - Ochre Product Code: 165520 Colours: Ochre Collection: Catherine Lansfield Style: Checkered Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cm Pattern Repeat: 53cm Pattern...



Holden Decor Arlo Wallpaper

Arlo is a subtle ombre stripe design, with tactile inks fading into shimmering micas to create gentle movement across the wall.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Arlo - Cream Collection: Midas...
Superfresco Easy Origami Florals WallpaperSuperfresco Easy Origami Florals Wallpaper



Superfresco Easy Origami Florals Wallpaper

This origami inspired floral print with pretty butterfly accents is fabulously feminine in a soft multicolured palette with a spongeable finish. Printed on our special paste-the-wall paper for super fast...



Boutique Boucle Wallpaper

Inspired by the boucle yarn with its distinctive looped ply. Metallic embellishments & a contemporary colour palette add a modern twist. Suitable for use on all four walls.SPECIFICATION Brand: Boutique...



Holden Decor Peek a Boo Wallpaper

The Holden Decor Peak-a-Boo Grey Wallpaper features a loveable design of lions, rabbits, pigs, foxes, frog and monkey scattered all over. The cute animal design will bring life and character...



Holden Decor Industrial Texture Wallpaper

The Industrial Texture Grey Wallpaper is a stunning wallpaper that oozes sophistication and style. This luxurious wallpaper features a metallic textured effect that will bring a sense of style and...



Holden Decor Menali Wallpaper

Menali is a beautiful peacock glitter light weight vinyl shown here in a gorgeous grey.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Menali - Grey Collection: Menali Style: Bird Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length:...



Holden Decor Juliet Wallpaper

Juliet features a stunning design on italian heavy weight vinyl, the emboss is designed to enhance the coloured prints.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Juliet - Blue/Pale Grey Collection: Opus Style:...

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Why Choose Rose Wallpaper?

The Beauty Of The Rose

Roses are synonymous with beauty and elegance in a way that other floral offerings simply cannot match. The flower has a unique power of attracting onlookers with its incredible aesthetic appearance; a unique, distinctive and unrivalled charm. It begs the question of who wouldn’t want to have roses in their home? Rose wallpaper features truly breathtaking designs that can be subtle yet visually interesting, or stunningly striking for feature wall purposes.

The Meaning Of Each Rose Colour

Rose wallpaper is available in virtually any colour. In fact, real roses themselves come in three hundred and sixty types of species, each of which being available in twelve different colours. The most famous iteration being the red rose, considered the symbol of love, passion and romance. However, the plentiful shades of the rose flower have various meanings. Depending on what aura you are trying to achieve in your home, it is worth exploring the various meanings of each rose shade…

White Roses

Often representing purity, innocence and youth, white roses are often associated with brides, young love and eternal loyalty. They can also symbolise new beginnings as well as everlasting love.

Ivory Roses

Although similar to white roses in appearance, ivory’s symbolism is very different. They are said to represent charm, thoughtfulness and grace as well as richness and perfection. Ivory roses bring with them a caring nature without romantic intentions.

Yellow Roses

Friendship, joy and affection. The sun-coloured flowers convey warmth and good fortune. A certain way to brighten the day and yellow rose wallpaper will always creative a positive, uplifting ambience for a home.

Peach Roses

Modesty, sincerity and appreciativeness. For those wishing to focus on gratitude in their lives, peach would be a fine choice. The colour emits a very particular zest for life and serenity-inducement.

Orange Roses

A bold bloom evoking enthusiasm, fascination and high energy. If you’re looking to feel more energised when getting out of bed each morning, orange roses will provide you with a natural burst of vitality!

Pink Roses

Elegance, refinement and sweetness. However, the meaning can differ somewhat depending on the shade. Light, pale pinks provide a feeling of gentleness, grace and joy whereas deep pinks can convert appreciation and gratitude. The choice is yours.

Red Roses

With a deep association love, romance and passion, red rose wallpaper represents a deep appreciation, commitment and deep affection or deviation to another. Therefore, a clear choice for the romantics of this world perhaps?

Lavender Roses

Enchantment, spender and wonder. There is also a mysterious nature that comes with lavender roses. If you’re looking to promote thought-provoking intrigue within the walls of your home, a floral lavender offering may be just what you’re looking for.

Green Roses

Life, growth and restoration. The green rose evokes continual rejuvenation as well as balance, stability and peace. For those looking for peace of mind and to recharge after a hard day’s work, green roses would be an astute choice.

Blue Roses

By placing blue rose wallpaper in your home, you will be promoting the attainment of the impossible. Blue roses do not exist in nature so they’re very visual existent in your home will make you feel like anything is possible.

Black Roses

The beginning of new or major change. Black traditionally symbolises mourning or darkness. However, the meaning the colour has shifted in recent years to inspire confidence through signalling the birth of a new era, hopefulness and courage.

It’s clear to see the vast differences in symbolism and emotion evocation roses bring. When choosing your rose wallpaper shade, ensure that you opt for the colour which induces the correct feelings and auras that you wish to evoke within your home.


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