Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbow wallpaper is one of the best ways to brighten up a room. For colour lovers, or for those who simply can decide on a colour scheme, there are few better options. There are many designs which feature the traditional seven colours. However, more contemporary options can contain very abstract and rare colour combinations. Whichever route you take, we guarantee that children and adults alike will absolutely adore the pastel rainbow drawings hung on the walls. At Wallpaper Now, we have a beautiful collection of modern, on-trend rainbow designs to choose from. Explore our range today!

Why Choose Rainbow Wallpaper?



The Symbolism & Meaning Of The Rainbow



Rainbows are universally loved, and it’s easy to see exactly why when examining their symbolic effect throughout history. Biblically and culturally, a rainbow is the signifier that a storm has ended. The humble rainbow marks peacefulness, good fortune and new beginnings, and has been represented with those characteristics in art across the many centuries of humanity’s existence. Rainbow wallpaper will unquestionably spread positivity and joy all over your home!



Your Kids Will Love It



Statement rainbow wallpaper is a delightfully fun mix of stripes, pastel drawings and more abstract colour combinations. Therefore, no matter which option you choose, they all provide a stunning, picturesque sights and make for a fantastic choice of children’s bedroom wallpaper. You can amaze and mesmerise your kids with the variety of colours and playful designs. Our rainbow options also work tremendously well in nursery spaces, playrooms or dens!



Not Just For Kids



Nowadays, rainbow interiors aren’t just for children. The brightly coloured arches evoke warm memories of when life was more care-free and lighthearted for adults. Rainbows are synonymous with play areas, play time at school and have been a popular decor choice for young ones for decades at this point. It’s likely that many parents would have had rainbow wallpaper on their bedroom walls when they were youngsters. Whether you’re inspired by memories of your past or have been seeing the plethora of rainbow designs on instagram, rainbows are a great way of injecting some colour into your life!


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