Purple Wallpaper

Purple wallpaper personifies luxury and is a great way of making a bold statement in your home. Choose from deep purple shades to lighter lilac and heather tones in our extensive range. With an array of beautiful designs to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!



Holden Decor Melgrano Floral Wallpaper

Melagrano is a modern take on a floral design with pomegranates, bold and bright colours highlighted by dotted metallic.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Melgrano Floral - Soft teal Collection: Elias...



Holden Decor Arlo Wallpaper

Arlo is a subtle ombre stripe design, with tactile inks fading into shimmering micas to create gentle movement across the wall.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Arlo - Cream Collection: Midas...



Holden Decor Allora Wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper featuring a delicate dandelion design with subtle shimmers on a woven effect background, perfect to bring your home an updated and refreshed look. A heavyweight vinyl that...



Catherine Lansfield Kelso Check Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Catherine Lansfield Product: Kelso Check - Ochre Product Code: 165520 Colours: Ochre Collection: Catherine Lansfield Style: Checkered Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cm Pattern Repeat: 53cm Pattern...



Boutique Water Silk Sprig Wallpaper

Organic sprig design on the water silk fabric background enhanced with shimmering metallic highlights. In register emboss design suitable for use on all four walls or combined with the water...



Holden Decor Dillan Stripe Wallpaper

Dillan stripe is made up of high shine panels contrasting against a matte background it's a simple design yet looks so effective on a wallSPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Dillan...


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Holden Decor Congo Wallpaper

A bold art deco style metallic geometric combined with tropical animals and palm leaves. This design truly makes a statement. SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Congo - Pink Collection: Glasshouse...
Barbara Hulanicki Skulls WallpaperBarbara Hulanicki Skulls Wallpaper



Barbara Hulanicki Skulls Wallpaper

The magnificent Skulls design reflects Barbara's mischievous side. She says, "I love the almost shock element that you don't instantly see the skull design unless you really look at the...
Holden Decor Love Hearts WallpaperHolden Decor Love Hearts Wallpaper



Holden Decor Love Hearts Wallpaper

Love Hearts is a simple yet effective glitter design, to add a little fun to your wallsSPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Love Hearts - Pink Collection: Make Believe Style: Girls...



Holden Decor Thistle Wallpaper

Thistle is an a entwining Charcoal thistle trail on a metallic silver background which create a high-shine effect.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Thistle - Charcoal Collection: Glasshouse Style: Leaf Wallpaper...



Superfresco Easy Aura Wallpaper

Flawlessly simple, this delicate sprig motif design stretches over a textured neutral base for the ultimate in easy living wallpaper. For a touch of luxury the grey and natural colourways...



Muriva Esther Texture Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Muriva Product: Esther Texture - Ivory Collection: Kylie Minogue Style: Plain Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cm Pattern Repeat: 64cm Pattern Match: Free Match Wallpaper Application: Paste...



Holden Decor Under the Sea Wallpaper

Create a space your child will enjoy every day with this exciting Holden Decor Under the Sea White/Multi Wallpaper. From seaweed trails, turtles and starfish, all things sea inspired for...



Holden Decor Glistening Fleur Wallpaper

The Glistening Fleur Grey Wallpaper features a shimmering dandelion design that will make a stunning addition to your home d?cor. The metallic accents and subtle shadings create an understated look...



Holden Decor Industrial Texture Wallpaper

The Industrial Texture Grey Wallpaper is a stunning wallpaper that oozes sophistication and style. This luxurious wallpaper features a metallic textured effect that will bring a sense of style and...



Fresco Apple Blossom Wallpaper

Apple Blossom Tree is a delicate and elegant design and looks fantastic in any room. The soft tones and flicks of metallic creates a stunning wallpaper in different colour ways.SPECIFICATION...

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Why Choose Purple Wallpaper?

A Touch Of Nobility

Purple is often associated with extravagance due to it’s historical association with nobility. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I forbade anyone apart from close members of the royal family to wear it. The colour was reserved for the elite as a result of the rarity and cost of the purple dye used to produce it. Although not as exclusive as in prior centuries, purple still brings with it deep connotations of luxury. 

Purple Works In Various Rooms 

Pale purple shades such as lilacs and heathers work extremely well in nurseries and bedrooms. In the latter, the colour certainly produces a dignified and elegant look. Brighter purple tones on the other hand, are ideal for living rooms. Deep purple shades are more suited to dining rooms for a more formal or even romantic setting. Soft shades create a light and airy feel while deeper tones provide a warm, relaxing mood.

So Many Designs & Furnishing Options 

As well as plain purple wallpaper, we can provide a range of patterned wallpapers too in the form of floral, geometric, glitter, striped designs and more! Depending on the style, you could decorate all four walls with purple. Or, create a dedicated purple feature wall in your decor design. In terms of furnishings, in our years of experience, we’ve found purple wallpaper goes exquisitely well with monochrome furniture & accessories in light whites or greys.

Purple Suits Smaller & Larger Spaces

As always, lighter tones will create a more spacious feel in smaller rooms whilst darker tones are more suited to larger areas of your home. Using light furnishings with lighter shades of purple wallpaper can create an even better illusionary effect. A lilac walled room with a white sofa and light green cushions will create more perceived space than you could ever have thought existed in a room.


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