Polka Dot Wallpaper

Polka dot wallpaper is a fun way of adding a charming, funky element to your interior decor. The spotty wallpaper is a very versatile option as it suits almost any room in a home and pairs seamlessly with various design schemes. Whether you’re looking for speckled black and white Dalmatian spots, a dotty watercolour design or one that utilises trendy colours such as rose gold, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Wallpaper Now!

Why Choose Polka Dot Wallpaper?

A Timeless, Reliable Classic

Polka dot or spotty wallpaper brings a vintage feel that never fails to disappoint. It has no beginning, no end, no up, no down, no left and no right. It’s a welcoming and unimposing choice of wallpaper, and a very popular pattern used in many British homes. Black dots on white backgrounds or white dots on red backgrounds have become the recent go-to options when it comes to polkadots, and are rather fashionable right now. Polka dots can be as colourful as you desire, can be arranged evenly or strewn across the wallpaper in an irregular order, draw the eye and create a joyous mood.

Dots Are Historic

Dots have been present in numerous instances throughout human history. For example, the Mayan numerical system used dots to represent the numbers one to four. The Egyptians and Ancient Greeks used three dots to signify abbreviations. During the Middle Ages, pottery makers decorated their products with dots and circles. In the 18th century, the Freemasons adopted the use of dots which is why they were often referred to as the “Three Point Brothers.” The Aborigines in Australia told their history through so-called “dot-art.” What we’re trying to say here is, dots and spots have been used throughout history. It may be the most historic form of human artistry, so why not adorn your walls with it?

Polka Dot Wallpaper Brings Positivity

The dot embodies lightness and kindness in it’s symbolism, and makes us feel happy and uplifted as a result. So, why not bring this effect into your own home and experience it on a regular basis? If there are any doubters reading, try looking at a colourful polka dot wallpaper design and try not to feel somewhat cheerier at the sight. The polka dot positivity will flow through you everyday. These designs suit nurseries, children’s bedrooms and colourful polka dots on a white background work particularly well in kitchens. There’s a spotty wallpaper to suit all tastes and ages!


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