Plain Wallpaper

Plain wallpaper is the perfect choice for those who desire a neat aesthetic or who are looking to let the furniture of a room take centre-stage. Sometimes, minimalism and simplicity are the best interior design routes to take. An understated design can even enhance certain types of rooms when used correctly. Whether you’re looking for a chic plain wallpaper in neutral shades or a bolder choice of colour, at Wallpaper Now we’ll have the subtle backdrop you’re looking for in any colour you desire.



Holden Decor Industrial Texture Wallpaper

The Industrial Texture Grey Wallpaper is a stunning wallpaper that oozes sophistication and style. This luxurious wallpaper features a metallic textured effect that will bring a sense of style and...



Muriva Esther Texture Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Muriva Product: Esther Texture - Ivory Collection: Kylie Minogue Style: Plain Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cm Pattern Repeat: 64cm Pattern Match: Free Match Wallpaper Application: Paste...



Muriva Sparkle Wallpaper

Add touch of sparkle to your decor. The Muriva Sparkle Plain Black Glitter Wallpaper is designed to make a statement, a fun way to inject glamour to your home. A...



Superfresco Colours Milan Wallpaper

This simple design has been inspired by the natural properties of cork,?create the illusion of space with the shimmering pearl properties of this grey cork texture. The layered effect of...



Boutique Boucle Wallpaper

Inspired by the boucle yarn with its distinctive looped ply. Metallic embellishments & a contemporary colour palette add a modern twist. Suitable for use on all four walls.SPECIFICATION Brand: Boutique...



Graham and Brown Chenille Wallpaper

Chenille is a gorgeous textured design that brings a stylish finish to your walls. The mica and metallic create a sophisticated effect which is enhanced by the beautiful texture. The...



Boutique Shimmer Wallpaper

Inspired by nature and waves, this design captures the mesmerizing shimmer effect from a romantic walk next to the sea. This beautiful design features a gorgeous wavy texture whilst the...
Superfresco Sprig WallpaperSuperfresco Sprig Wallpaper



Superfresco Sprig Wallpaper

we have designed sprig white texture wallpaper to help hide those little imperfections you may have on your wall.SPECIFICATION Brand: Superfresco Product: Sprig - Plain Product Code: 20-306 Colours: White...



Wall Doctor Woodchip Cover Wallpaper

Woodchip is the worst ailment a wall can suffer - and it is so hard to remove! Wall Dr's remedy is the woodchip cover - When used with a strong...
Holden Decor Opus Weave WallpaperHolden Decor Opus Weave Wallpaper



Holden Decor Opus Weave Wallpaper

A gorgeous woven texture wallcovering, this ultra-heavyweight solid vinyl can be hung anywhere in the home, from hall, stairs and landing areas to reception rooms and bedrooms. With a free...



Holden Decor Imani Texture Wallpaper

Imani texture is a realistic weave-textured wallcovering. It features matt and metallic background slubs underneath a raised acrylic natural texture to give a genuine woven look. This colourway is grey...



Crown Eden Plain Texture Wallpaper

A plain grey textured wallpaper resembling a woven fabric with subtle detail, this elegant creation by Crown is from the Eden Wallpaper Collection.SPECIFICATION Brand: Crown Product: Eden Plain Texture -...



Fine Decor Larson Plain Texture Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Fine Decor Product: Larson Plain Texture - Grey Collection: Larson Style: Plain Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 52cm Pattern Repeat: 0cm Pattern Match: No Match Wallpaper Application:...
Holden Decor Lollipops WallpaperHolden Decor Lollipops Wallpaper



Holden Decor Lollipops Wallpaper

A fun quirky design against a clean white background, perfect for seaside goers!SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Lollipops - Multi Collection: Make Believe Style: Plain Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10.05m...
Holden Decor Borneo Texture WallpaperHolden Decor Borneo Texture Wallpaper



Holden Decor Borneo Texture Wallpaper

A Soft Touch Opulent Luxury Grasscloth effect WallpaperSPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Borneo Texture - Grey Collection: Opulence Style: Plain Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cm Pattern Repeat: Pattern...
Holden Decor Clara Texture Wallpaper



Holden Decor Clara Texture Wallpaper

Clara Texture is an opulent allover bead effect plain. Mica and metallic inks enhance the embosses detail.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Clara Texture - Gilver Collection: Ariana Style: Plain Wallpaper...

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Why Choose Plain Wallpaper?

A Great Alternative To Painted Walls 

Plain wallpaper is a fantastic alternative to paint. Painted walls can show dirt far more easily than a wall donned with wallpaper. When opting for wallpapering, you can also cover up minor cracks, holes, rough spots and bumps that may have appeared over time. If those blemishes aren’t causing any structural issues, wallpapering over them is a great way to maintain aesthetic appeal in a cost, effective, hassle-free manner!

Add Texture To A Room Without A Pattern 

If you’re not inclined to have your walls adorn with patterns, plain options are a great path to take. A great solution for those looking to place the focus on furniture or furnishings. If you’re looking to use a feature wall in a room, use plain wallpapers for the three accompanying walls. By doing this, you ensure that the statement wall is the focal point of the room’s design. Plain wallpapers also come in a variety of finishes to give some pizazz whilst maintaining subtlety at their core.

Create A Spacious Feel With Plain Wallpaper

Plain walls are simple yet effective. They can make a room seem far more spacious compared to using patterned designs such as floral, damask or geometric. The crowded nature of those deigns create a cramped feeling within a room. Whereas with plain designs, the clean cut stylings create an airy feel which is passed on to the living space. Plain wallpaper can also help create a much more serene setting, especially when choosing notoriously calming colours such as blues or violets.


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