Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is a stylish, trendy way to personalise your home. With such a diverse range of fantastic modern wallpaper patterns to choose from, it’s a great way to add something different to your interior decor whilst showcasing your personality. At Wallpaper Now, you’ll easily find a patterned design which suits your particular tastes. Browse through our extensive range below!

Muriva Sequins WallpaperMuriva Sequins Wallpaper



Muriva Sequins Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Muriva Product: Sequins - Silver Collection: Lipsy London Style: Pattern Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 53cm Pattern Repeat: 53cm Pattern Match: Straight Wallpaper Application: Paste the Paper...



Prestigious Textiles Bark Wallpaper

SPECIFICATION Brand: Prestigious Textiles Product: Bark - Angora Product Code: 1662/975 Colours: Angora Collection: Ambience Style: Pattern Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10m Width: 52cm Pattern Repeat: 48cm Pattern Match: Straight...
Superfresco Easy Innocence White Mica WallpaperSuperfresco Easy Innocence White Mica Wallpaper



Superfresco Easy Innocence White Mica Wallpaper

A beautiful ombre mica sweeps through this tranquil natural twig design wallpaper, underpinned by a delicate calico fabric effect. This white and mica design is subtle enough to use across...
Superfresco Easy Innocence WallpaperSuperfresco Easy Innocence Wallpaper



Superfresco Easy Innocence Wallpaper

A beautiful Charcoal and Copper coloured wallpaper with a sprig design accompanied by a delicate fabric effect to bring a subtle nature feel into your home.SPECIFICATION Brand: Superfresco Easy Product:...

Why Choose Patterned Wallpaper? 

An Essential Element Of Home Decor Since The 20th Century

When the 20th century arrived, so did the revolution of patterned wallpaper designs. In centuries prior, wallpaper was used to depict scenes rather than patterns. It was hand painted and very costly which is why it was only used in the palaces of the nobles. However, as time went on, wallpaper was becoming more frequently used in the homes of the masses and flash-forward to modern day, some of the best contemporary artists are placing their efforts into creating innovative designs to be showcased in the walls of homes across the globe. There has never been a wider array of high quality patterns to choose from. We certainly live in very privileged time in terms of the abundance of home decor choices.


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