Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper allows you to make your home your own. With popular brand such as Anaglypta and Superfresco on our online aisles, you can paint these designs in any colour or colours of your choosing. Not only does paintable wallpaper allow you the ultimate wallpaper customisability, it helps mask over any wall imperfections as well. At Wallpaper Now, we provide a range of a embossed wallpaper with traditional and contemporary designs. Explore our selection today!

Why Choose Paintable Wallpaper? 

Let Your Creative Side Flow 

Embossed wallpaper allows you to create a stunning focal point to your interior design. Whether you’re looking to create a feature wall or deck out your interiors in vintage prints. Our range  has so many design themes to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect wallpaper to match your specific needs. Alternatively, you can use these white wall coverings on their own if you’re looking for a white but patterned & textured look. 

Transform Your Home Again & Again

The great thing about paintable wallpapers is that they’re reusable. If one day you decide that you’re bored with the colour of a room, simply repaint the walls. It’s possibly the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to continually upgrade your home decor. if maintained properly, your paintable wallpaper can last for years to come and you can save a lot of money, whilst continually refreshing your living space.

Hide Any Imperfections On Your Walls 

If you’re looking to cover up uneven walls that contain chips and bumps, embossed wallpaper is for you. The thick, textured design of the wallpaper means that small imperfections in your wall’s surface can be easily masked over. The paintable wallpaper will provide you with a canvas to make your walls appear as smooth as if they were brand new. There are arguably too many benefits to using embossed products!


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