Modern Wallpaper

At Wallpaper Now, our beautiful range of modern wallpaper will allow you to add stylish, cutting edge designs to your home. When it comes to contemporary wallpaper, there are countless options to choose from. From unassuming shades to delicate patterns, to bolder colours and statement designs, take a look through our extensive selection below.

Why Choose Modern Wallpaper?

Countless Designs To Choose From

Whether you’re looking for a striking geometric look for your living room, an abstract artistic design for a kitchen wall or a marble texture effect for a beautiful bedroom, there are a near-limitless range of modern wallpapers to explore. Grey is tending to be one of our most popular colours for living rooms. Marble on the other hand, is leading the way for those looking for a more sophisticated touch to their decor.

Bold patterns, warm colours, three-dimensional textures and natural inspired materials such as grasscloth, cork, straw and wicker wallpapers are all currently trending. Along with traditional florals, tropical botanicals and contemporary geometrics. All of which are also extremely popular an in the home decor design world right now. With new printing techniques and finishes continually pushing the boundaries of new interior design possibilities, more and more innovative modern wallpaper designs are being created day by day. 

Wallpaper, without question, is an interior design trend that has been growing rapidly in the last few years. You just have to look on Instagram. 3D and floral wallpapers dominated the social platform with 80,000 posts about three-dimensional  styled wallpaper and 40,000 for floral offerings. Retro, geometric and tropical rounded off the top five. Damask, abstract, scenic, striped and monochrome completed the top ten.


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