Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper is an excellent way of adding a striking, fashionable and luxurious style to your home. Gold, silver and grey metallic wallpapers are the most trendy choices right now but at Wallpaper Now, we provide a range of colour options to ensure that you find a perfect match for your home decor needs. Our extensive metallic range also come in a wide variety of styles including plain, patterned, geometric, marble, industrial, striped, floral, brick and more!

Why Choose Metallic Wallpaper?

You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Them

Metallic wallpapers are so elaborately and intricately deigned that you’ll struggle to not have your eyes drawn to them. The attention to detail in the designs is admirably meticulous, and the results are simply breathtaking. Metallic wallpapers are also incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of different aesthetics. Traditional, romantic, casual or contemporary to name a few. They can also provide a decor fit for nobles and royals with their flamboyant, elaborate and often regal-looking designs.

Durable, Practical & Ageless

A brilliant aspect of metallic wallpapers is their durability. The construction of the wallpaper includes many layers. The first is created using porous paper, the second is a 1 millimetre decorative coating made of aluminium foil, the third layer over the foil is paint which also acts as an insulator and the final layer is the embossed wall covering. Finally, the finishing material is a canvas of non-woven fabric or paper which guarantees excellent adhesion to walls. Due to this well thought out design, metallic wallpapers lasts for a very long time. Over the many years, you’ll notice due to the high quality production, that the wallpaper doesn’t seem to age at all. The coatings are moisture-resistant, designs don’t fade from direct exposure to sunlight and the texture of the wallpaper will remain unchanged. So many advantages! 

Spectacular Styles To Choose From 

There are a plethora of stunning metallic wallpaper styles to choose from that can instantly transform any living space. Whether it be glitter, geometric, striped, floral, marble or brick, there is a style to suit everyone design tastes. Whichever route you choose to take, a spectacular addition to your kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom awaits.


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