Marble Wallpaper

Marble wallpaper is very much in vogue right now and at Wallpaper Now, we provide an extensive range of stunning wallpapers for you to choose from. When you see our designs, you’ll see just how mesmerising marble is! It’s very easy to imagine the dramatic transformative impact that the wallpaper could have on your living spaces. Whether you’re after elegant marble swirls or geometric designs, we have everything you need in our beautiful selection.



Holden Decor Azurite Wallpaper

A Stunning high shine gold foil highlighting a matt teal marble pattern. Printed on a heavy weight paper which gives a sophisticated feel.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Azurite - Teal/Gold...



Holden Decor Denali Wallpaper

Denali - is a watercolour/ inky design which features gorgeous mountain shapes highlighted by metallicSPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Denali - Grey Collection: Elements Style: Marble Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length:...



Holden Decor Coralito Wallpaper

Coralito is a elegant marble design featuring mica to add a shimmering shine.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Coralito - White Collection: Sakkara Style: Marble Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10.05 m...
Holden Decor Elias Mountain Effect WallpaperHolden Decor Elias Mountain Effect Wallpaper



Holden Decor Elias Mountain Effect Wallpaper

Elias is a watercolour/ inky design which features gorgeous mountain shapes highlighted by metallicSPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Elias Mountain Effect - Grey Collection: Elias Style: Marble Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper...

Why Choose Marble Wallpaper?

A Deep Sense Of History

Marble evokes thoughts of Ancient Greece and historic luxury. Whether it be Greek art honouring the gods or the columns of the Parthenon, marble will always be associated with decadence and as a material fit for the immortals. So, why not bring those feelings of immense regality to your home through stunning marble effect wallpaper?

Rock-like Patterns Break The Mould

Rocks, rock faces and geodes create an extraordinary arrangement of shapes. Whether it be granite, limestone or other rock types, the formation of such unique elements of the earth make for fascinating views. With so many designs available, you can even evoke particular types of settings. For example, a rock pool or rock pool beach can be emulated with a wallpaper which contains lush tones of green, blue, purple and pink to mimic the various colours and lighting found at such settings. This can be done with any type of rocky setting leading to a whole host of possibilities.

Pair With Neutral Accessories

When it comes to marble wallpaper, especially if choosing an elaborately designed option, you’ll want to keep it simple when it comes to furniture and accessories. That way, you’ll place the focus and focal point on the wallpaper itself! Neutral or plain white accessories would work perfectly in the majority of scenarios when using marble. With such a range of colours and designs to choose from, the interior decor of your dreams awaits.


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