Kids wallpaper

Kids wallpaper is designed to be colourful, imaginative and inspirational in order to nurture creativity and growing minds. Whether it’s their favourite cartoon character or something more on the educational side like a map of the world or solar system, we have the perfect designs to spark the imagination of your child. With wallpaper, it’s incredibly easy to turn your child’s bedroom into a place of wonder and exciting ideas. At Wallpaper Now, our vast range of children’s wallpaper is tailored for children of all ages. From toddlers to teens, you’ll be sure to find a design to match all interests. Explore our collection today!

Why Choose Kids Wallpaper?

Choose A Wallpaper To Suit Your Child’s Personality 

When decorating a child’s bedroom, many parents use their children’s interests as inspiration for the overall look of the room. Whether it be their favourite cartoon characters, superheroes, TV or movie stars or their fascination with certain animals or the universe, or perhaps their liking for certain objects like flowers or rainbows, there will always be a wallpaper design to cater for every passion. After all, shouldn’t your child’s room be an extension of their personality? When you find the perfect design, you will bring utter delight to your child which will last for years to come.

So Many Imaginative Setting To Choose From 

The great thing about our selection of kids wallpaper is that there are just so many unique settings to decide between. All of which will allow your child to run wild with imagination when playing with their toys in their bedroom. A jungle themed setting could have your child go on a safari to discover exotic animals. A galaxy design would inspire your son or daughter to go on intergalactic adventures by rocketing through space. A superhero illustration will allow your child to go after the bad guys alongside their favourite super powered hero. Or, a prehistoric motif could see your children running around with dinosaurs! 

Help Your Child Learn With Wallpaper 

For inquisitive little ones who just love to learn, there are some brilliant educational designs to choose from. We’ve already mentioned world map and solar system designs, but there are also ABC patterns and number patters. Either of these designs can be a wonderful tool in helping your child learn to read and count. There are also height chart wallpaper designs where you can share in the excitement of your growing child. You and your child can then look back at just how much they’ve grown in years to come!


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