Jungle Wallpaper

Jungle wallpaper allows you to live life on the wild side within the comfort of your own home. Designed to accurately replicate the environments of tropical climates, this unique wallpaper option will certainly make an impression on your guests. Whether you’re looking for a subtle jungle setting to use on all four walls or a attractive feature wall mural, we have everything you could desire at Wallpaper Now!

Why Choose Jungle Wallpaper?

The Tropical Touch Suits Many Rooms

How does jungle-themed living room, bedroom or hallway sound? All great interior locations for an added touch of tropical greenery. Alternative popular options include using jungle settings in the dining room or for stairs. In the latter, it will seem like you’re travelling into a new world each time you walk up your flight of stairs. Whichever location you choose, tropical wallpaper designs will help bring character to any room! 

Mystery & Tranquility 

No matter which rainforest you think about around the world, all are shrouded in mysterious beauty. The sheer vastness of these green areas and the lack of knowledge of what new sight would be around the corner, is very appealing to those with an adventurous side. Furthermore, jungle wallpaper with it’s abundance of plant-life tends to have a very calming effect on any observer. Therefore, a tranquil atmosphere is created when placed in any living space. With serene waterfalls, breathtaking animal illustrations and luscious green trees being just some of the sights you’ll see, it’s very difficult not to fall in love with our selection of tropical wallpaper.


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