Glitter Wallpaper

Glitter Wallpaper will provide your home with a sense of glamour and a sparkling personality. When these shimmering wallpaper options entered the market, interior designers and wallpaper suppliers rejoiced! We tend to get rather excited when something unusual and different appears. At Wallpaper Now, you will find the perfect wallpaper in our extensive range!

Why Choose Glitter Wallpaper?

Use Glitter Wallpaper Anywhere

You may find this hard to believe but glitter wallpaper is an apt choice for any living space. You just have to use it effectively. For example, more subtle glittery options will create a glamorous feel to a bedroom that isn’t overpowering. Pastel colours such a green, pink, grey or even a simple white sparkle can form the basis of a very sophisticated styling. Many decorators use glitter options on ceilings for a very innovative decor!

Various Intensities Of Glitter

Designers have varied with how intense the amount of glitter on a wallpaper is. Some are densely and highly populated with sparkles, whilst others are more thinly spread. Options that fit into the latter category produce a more discrete, softly reflective glitter effect which can be used on all four walls of a room, without making said room feel small. When accompanying glitter walls with soft lighting, vibrant fabrics and some boutique furniture, you will create a lavish interior.

Lighting Is Key

Lighting is an extremely important factor to consider when using glitter wallpaper. Lights of the correct intensity and situated in the correct positions, can add a sense of drama to a decor. However, don’t forget about sunlight! Factor in how the wallpaper will react to the natural light at various times during the daytime. Damask glitter wallpaper is a perfect choice for any walls that will be in a lot of contact with natural light, as they will create a subtle yet noticeable opulent shimmering effect.

So Much Glittery Goodness To Choose From

Metallic glitter wallpapers in bronze, copper or silver can become the central element in a modern interior design. Use striking geometric glitter options with confidence in living room as a feature wall complemented by painted walls. The metallic elements of the wallpaper can compliment colour-matching accent furniture or accessories.


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