Fox Wallpaper

Fox wallpaper is a fantastic decor option for your home! Whether you’re looking for fun and light-hearted design featuring friendly foxes, or a more chic art deco style, we can cater for all needs. At Wallpaper now, our fox options come in a wide variety of colours, styles and designs to suit the most niche of home decor requirements. Browse our range today!



Holden Decor Peek a Boo Wallpaper

The Holden Decor Peak-a-Boo Grey Wallpaper features a loveable design of lions, rabbits, pigs, foxes, frog and monkey scattered all over. The cute animal design will bring life and character...

Why Choose Fox Wallpaper?

Foxes Provide An Aura Of Guidance

In fox symbolism, the animal acts as a guiding force to finding a solution to any problem. It provides a reassuring feeling that that answer to an issue is close at hand, and any negativity or anxiety will soon wash away from your mind & body. These are certainly not bad connotations to line the walls of your home with, and with them you can create a favourable aura within your living space. Let fox wallpaper bring out your inner creative problem solving skills.

Cunning Like A Fox

The phrase “cunning like a fox” came about with good reason. Foxes are known for their stealthy, silent movement because the animal is so well-acclimatised to any space it inhabits. When you’re looking to still the mind and find some quiet in your hustle and bustle life, fox imagery can be a welcomed aid to achieving a more mindful state!

Fox Wallpaper Is Fun

There are some truly fantastic fox wallpapers to choose from! All aesthetics are available, whether you’re looking for a cartoony wallpaper with fun illustrations or a near-photo-realistic feature wall mural. Both choices are incredibly fun options to place in your home and will be adored by both children and adults alike!

Foxes Are Famous

Foxes have become very prevalent in children’s popular culture. Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Fox and the Hound, Zootopia, Sonic then Hedgehog, Robin Hood, Peppa Pig, Skunk-Fu! and Pokemon all feature fox characters in their many stories. This is why fox wallpaper makes for an astute choice for a children’s bedroom, nursery or playroom!


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