Feature Wallpaper

Feature wallpapers are a bold, stylish and eye-catching focal point for a room. Elaborate walls make a stunning statement and there are limitless designs to choose from to suit every interior. Use feature designs on a living room wall, as a gorgeous backdrop for a dining setting or for something a bit different in a bathroom. Find the perfect feature wall or statement wallpaper to express your personality at Wallpaper Now!



Holden Decor Large Leopard Spot Taupe Wallpaper

Large Leopard Spot is a leopard-print wallpaper which features large scale leopard spots set on a matt background. This colourway has white, black matt spots set on a taupe background.

Why Choose Feature Wallpaper? 

Divide Spaces & Tie Your Decor Together

Feature walls can help divide a living space, especially if you have a large open plan area to work with. In these open plans, the living area and dining areas become one, and adding a statement wallpaper in one of the sections can serve as a stylish separator. Feature wallpaper is also very handy at tying the decor of a room together. Matching up wallpaper with furniture and accessories is a great way to achieve this. For example, if you have a room with timber pieces, upholstery, white furniture and rattan, the right feature wall could bring all of these different elements together as it can contain tones from each within the feature.

Add Depth To A Room

For smaller spaces, this is a very useful advantage of utilising feature walls. By using feature wallpaper on one of the walls in a small room, the illusionary effect for more depth and therefore more space can be created. This all depends on the design of course. However, the right piece which contains the right imagery or angular shapes to provide depth of field would work gloriously. In large sun-soaked rooms, we recommend using soft pastels. They are soothing to the eyes whilst darker tones can highlight the sense of space.

Express Your Personality

Feature wallpaper provides you with the opportunity to plaster your personality upon the walls of your home. It is your home after all. Your home should showcase you, your personality and your interests. In fact, one of the most exciting aspects of redesigning the interior of your home is the potential of instilling your identity within it’s walls. A feature wall comes in such an array of designs to evoke pretty much any imagery imaginable, so why not get creative with it?


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