Feather Wallpaper

Feather wallpaper is an elegant addition to any living space. The eye-catching feather imagery found in our designs evoke feelings of deep tranquility and comfort. It’s almost as if when you gaze upon a feather, it conjures a feeling of floating in your mind providing a particular sense of serenity and calm. At Wallpaper Now, our extensive collection of feather options come in an array of colours, styles and finishes. Explore our range today!



Holden Decor Astonia Feather Wallpaper

Astonia Feather is a feather design with a rose gold and silver metallic feathers running throughout complemented by a glitter allover background.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Astonia Feather - Grey...



Holden Decor Pinion Wallpaper

Pinion - is a gorgeous design consisting of overlapping feathers, highlighted with metallic details.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Pinion - Teal Collection: Elements Style: Feather Wallpaper Type: Wallpaper Length: 10.05...



Caselio Boho Wallpaper

A stunning wallpaper with a charming feather design from the Caselio Girl Power Collection. The Boho Pink/Ochre/Orange Wallpaper features soft feathers sitting on a white background with gold dots and...



Caselio Peacock Wallpaper

Bring a twenties themed style to your home with this Caselio Scarlett Peacock Feathers Duck Blue/Gold Wallpaper. This stunning wallpaper features a repeat pattern of magnificent peacock feathers in a...

Why Choose Feather Wallpaper?

The Contemporary Metallic Look 

The recent trend in feather designs is to provide a metallic finish on the feathers themselves. Not only does this provide an exquisite and beautiful result, it also yields an ultra modern, contemporary styling many interior decorators are looking to achieve. These stunning wallpaper compositions come in bold patterns or muted, understated arrangements. Meaning, metallic feather wallpaper can be used as a standout feature wall or on all four walls of a room. The choice is yours.

The Unique Symbolism Of Feathers

Feathers have many different meanings but they are often most associated with freedom, transcendence and spirituality. If you’ve ever found a feather whilst on a walk in a park or the countryside, you know that it’s an oddly uplifting experience. It could be because we know that a feather has probably fallen from a bird as it freely soars through the skies. However, many see this as a more meaningful sign. Throughout history, when an individual has suddenly found a feather floating across their path, it is seen as a sign from the angels or a loved one who has passed on. It’s quite beautiful really. The evocation of these feelings is undoubtedly very positive, and fantastic imagery to hang on the various walls of your home. 

So Many Colours & Designs To Choose From

Feather wallpaper comes in all manner of striking shades. From white, silver and gold to blue, green, pink and orange. The sky’s the limit when you decorate with feather options. If you prefer a minimalistic look, choose lighter colours coupled with simple decor. Choose bolder tones if you really want to make an impact with a room’s design. Feathers look fantastic in homes but also look great in a variety of workspaces.


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