Dinosaur Wallpaper

Dinosaur wallpaper will bring any bedroom wall to life! It is the perfect way of creating an adventurous decor with breathtaking realistic designs or cute cartoonish offerings. Whether your favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex, Stegosaurs, Triceratops or any other pre-historic creature, we have the wallpaper for you at Wallpaper Now! Explore our joyfully Jurassic range today.



Holden Decor Dino Town Wallpaper

Dino Town has a winding design featuring railway lines and volcanoes. Fun and friendly, perfect for a tiny dinosaur lover.SPECIFICATION Brand: Holden Decor Product: Dino Town - Multi Collection: Make...



Holden Decor Dino Road Wallpaper

A fun and colourful wallpaper to bring your child?s space to life. The Holden Decor Dino Road White Wallpaper features a fun design with dinosaurs, buildings and cars and more....



Holden Decor Dino Dictionary Wallpaper

Encourage your childs love for dinosaurs with this fun Holden Decor Dino Dictionary Grey Wallpaper, featuring dinosaurs? names sitting inside of their silhouettes. A fun way to learn while creating...

Why Choose Dinosaur Wallpaper

So Many Cool & Colourful Designs

One of the many great things about dinosaur wallpaper is the huge variety of colours in the designs. Whether the wallpaper features a prehistoric backdrop of volcanic eruptions, snowy mountain ranges or luscious forestry, all will be jam-packed with a diverse range of bright & bold colours. On the other hand, some designs opt for plain background so the full focus is places on the dinos themselves. You just have to pick whichever one ticks your personal preferences.

Dinosaurs are ROARsome 

Dinosaurs are extremely prevalent in popular culture. Whether it be The Good Dinosaur, Ice Age or Power Rangers Dino Charge to Jurassic Park, Godzilla or The Flintstones, dinosaurs are a timeless content classic and evoke a reaction from both children and adults alike! We often find that many parents think dinosaurs are just as cool as their children, so this unique wallpaper choice will create the perfect ambience of intrigue for all.

Dinosaur Wallpaper Is For All Ages

You can tailor your choice of dino wallpaper to the age of the child. For newborns, there are cute cartoon illustrations showcasing very friendly dinosaurs to choose from. The great thing about this style of bedroom decor is that it’s quite long-lasting. Your child will love this wallpaper from when they are born to their early years of primary school. For older children who think they are too cool for cartoony designs, there are much more thrilling and realistic designs at hand. No matter which species of dinosaur they love, there will be a wallpaper design to cater every fascination.

How About A Mammoth Mural? 

There are some truly beautiful dinosaur murals to choose from. With rich colours and elaborate artistry, dinosaurs make for a unique and beautiful feature wall that can be placed in either a child’s bedroom or in a playroom. There are murals to suit every interior decor imaginable so you can be sure to find the perfect dinosaur offering for you home.


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