Diamond Wallpaper

Diamond Wallpaper will bring a timeless, cool design into your home. With the uniqueness of the shape, designers have found that diamond patterns can be styled in so many different ways. Truly eye-catching designs have resulted and you will undoubtedly find a wallpaper print to suit your particular taste and specific interior decor needs. At Wallpaper Now, our gorgeous range of diamond options come in a range of stunning colour combinations and sophisticated styes, from geometric to traditional Aztec patterns. Explore our range today!

Why Choose Diamond Wallpaper?

Design with Depth & Dimension

Diamond wallpaper designs create an incredible illusionary depth of field effect, perfect for entrance hallways which can often be very narrow. Not anymore. Geometric designs especially extenuate this effect and will make smaller spaces appear much larger than they are in reality. Diamond wallpaper is always “instagram ready” with the bold, rich colour palettes often found in the designs lending themselves to being very photogenic.

Ideal For A Modern Space 

It’s safe to say that diamond wallpaper offerings are the ideal choice for a contemporary living space. Often featuring fine lines and captivating use of the unique diamond shape, these wallpapers are bursting with personality. When subtle shimmering and glittering effects are thrown into the mix too, the effects can be stunning and dramatic. Diamond designs works in spacious open plans as well as smaller spaces. Use diamonds in a dining area, bedroom or living room. The choice is yours!

Diamonds Are Forever

When it comes to interior design, the use of diamond shapes is a timeless choice. There’s no need to visit a jeweller in order to sprinkle a little diamond magic around your home. Forget the gems and instead, take the classic diamond shape and expertly place them in various aspects of your decor. Explore the shape’s versatility. Whether it be on bold or muted colours, diamonds make a significant impact as a focal point, or as subtle compliments to furnishings and furniture. Interior trends come and go, but diamonds are really forever!


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