Concrete Wallpaper

Concrete wallpaper is the perfect choice for those looking to achieve the industrial chic feel in their living space. In recent times, warehouses and open plan factories have been repurposed into stylish venues and modern homes & flats. There has been an urban-look revolution in the design world and wallpaper makes creating that look as easy as can be. At Wallpaper Now, our concrete effect wallpaper comes in a variety of neutral shades, metallic finishes and patterned effects. Explore our range today!

Why Choose Concrete Wallpaper?

 Achieve The Industrial Look, Without the Hassle

 Concrete effect wallpaper allows you to create the ultra modern, bare and industrial aesthetic without any of the hassle of actually having to strip down walls. This can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Whereas with wallpaper, it is simply a case of hanging the designs upon the designated walls with complete ease. It’s also worth noting that bare walls are not as effective when it comes to insulation. They let heat out, let in cold and can be prone to damp. So, why not just use wallpaper instead? You won’t have to worry about any of these issues arising in the future!


The 3D Concrete Effect

 Many of our industrial wallpaper options comes with a textured effect. This means your designs will not only look amazing but they’ll feel realistic too. With textured wallpaper, you’ll even be able to notice the grain of the stone itself and feel the bumpy edges found in real-life concrete. The very clever 3D effect technology has really outdone itself when it comes to creating the concrete and industrial effects.



Create A Chic Contemporary Feel

 When it comes to the industrial aesthetic, a minimalistic style works wonderfully. Pair concrete effect wallpaper with stone worktops and salvaged metal or wooden furniture. Vintage metallic light fittings, modern arm chairs in neutral tones and soft furnishing are absolutely key when it comes to completing this rustic look. When all the right elements are in place, they will create one of the strongest contemporary decor aesthetics available right now!


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