Cherry Wallpaper

Cherry blossom wallpaper brings the feeling of spring into your home. The elegant wallpaper motif promotes a light & airy feel, and provides the illusion of more space in a room. Whether you’re looking for a floral tree branch design or a depiction of traditional Japanese cherry blossoms, our collection boasts a wide range of shades and styles to choose from!

Why Choose Cherry Blossom Wallpaper?


Create An Amazing Interior With Cherry Blossoms

 Floral designs have been an ever-present feature in home interiors, as they help create extremely attractive rooms. The flowery elements make a subtle yet impactful impact on a room’s decor, as they add a distinctive cheerfulness, charm and inviting aura. Cherry blossoms are particularly effective in achieving this due to their bright and light-hearted nature. However, if opting for a more elaborate design, cherry blossom wallpaper can create a beautiful focal point for a room. Therefore, why not think about using cherry blossoms in a unique feature wall?



Cherry Blossoms Are Rich In History

 Did you know that cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan? Also, known as “Sakura”, the flower has been celebrated for many centuries and holds a very prominent position in the Japanese culture. Cherry blossom viewing is also a tradition in a number of countries. It’s known as “Hanami”and the practice involves having a picnic underneath a blooming cherry blossom. The tradition dates back as early as the 7th century when the fascination with the flower started to grow considerably. Undoubtedly, cherry blossom wallpaper will create a visually stimulating and calming atmosphere to a living space in your home.



A Symbolic Flower

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower evoking the seasons of spring and a time of renewal. As a result of the latter, cherry blossom designs have captured the imaginations of people throughout the world. Wallpaper depicting the unique flower has now spread throughout Asia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Australia, the UK and beyond. Having a cherry blossom motif on your walls will set the right mood for a room, and family & friends will look upon the designs with joy!


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